League players think some ward skins are pay-to-win, but the fix is easy

A simple but smart solution.

Some League of Legends players are claiming a number of ward skins are pay-to-win. Luckily, they’ve already found a solution.

On Jan. 8, a player on League’s subreddit complained about the size of ward skins, including the Demacia Vice ward. They recalled a situation from one of their games where they were sweeping a brush near the mid lane and the trinket spotted an enemy Heimerdinger. The player, however, thought it was one of the oversized wards, face-checked the brush, and died.

This encounter led to them claiming large ward skins are pay-to-win since there are only a few skins like them. “I was sure Heimer was a ward,” the player said. “There is also the Ornn ward which always gives me a mini heart attack because it’s literally bigger than Teemo.”

Many users in the comments agreed with this. “There’s actually 0 way to tell without memorizing hundreds of ward skin outlines that are made for aesthetics not readability,” one player said.

Others came up with a simple solution that should fix the problem. They proposed that champions spotted by the Sweeping Lens trinket in a brush nearby should give different outline colors.

This would make it easier for players to spot the difference between some of the bigger ward skins and small champions like Teemo and Heimerdinger, and would definitely save players the frustration of face-checking.

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