League players pinpoint everything wrong with battle passes and lay out plan for Riot to fix them

Would it be that easy to fix?

After a failure of a season cinematic, little to no promised content upcoming in 2023, and months and months now of leaving the game in an imbalanced state with bruisers and fighters running the show, the League of Legends community is at its wits end with Riot Games. In the spirit of Riot repeatedly failing to meet previously set standards, League players dissected the battle pass system and proposed a plan of action for the devs to fix it.

Leagues subreddit has been an inexhaustible source of criticism toward Riot and its games in general. In a post on Jan. 15, the community expressed its frustration about Leagues battle pass system, explaining that the battle pass system has not improved since Riot first introduced them.

Another problem battle passes have is that the players have to spend more time playing the game, even if they dont want to, to earn lesser rewards like chromas. Aside from all of this, battle passes also have an RNG element to them with orbs and capsules that cant by no means guarantee you an event-related skin.

As a solution to Riots all problems, the community proposes for the devs to rework the battle pass system in the spitting image of Fortnites battle pass system to regularly award players with event-related skins and the main reward being the Prestige skin of the battle pass.

With the Fortnite-like battle pass system, players would earn battle pass currency, just like with League tokens, that allow them to select the rewards they like the best at each level. This way, the community would get more rewards and pass-related content that continuously rewards progress while not forcing the community to play the game.

Instead of forcing the League community to play the game to get its money’s worth whenever Riot introduces a battle pass, the Fortnite-inspired battle pass system would generally lead to fewer burnouts and overall aversion to the game. The battle pass will leave an impression of respecting players’ time and money, and would not lead to them playing the game forcedly, and eventually burning out.

Since Riot recently promised all kinds of changes, primarily focused on players’ feedback, battle passes will, hopefully, be something the devs address and fix in the near future.

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