League players are totally fed up with all the chat changes Riot has made this season

We need a color-coded chat.

Season 13 of League of Legends has seen a host of changes, including a new ping system, new and returned items, reworked champions, and balancing changes with every patch. For the most part, the changes Riot implemented have been improvements.

In that mix of those changes is party chat, which was added in Patch 13.4.

Party chat is the new chat channel in League that allows gamers to talk to their premade party members in-game. The chat console shows the chat channels that will receive your messages on the left side of the chat bar, and you can toggle between them using commands or the tab key. You can also change which channel is active in your settings, but party chat will be the default chat setting for new players.

Even though this sounds great because you can now chat directly with your premades, many League players aren’t convinced and think the feature has missed the mark.

Players have one big issue with the changesthe hotkeys and their difficulty. According to a horde of angry League players, many of whom commented in a Reddit thread on the topic on Feb. 23, witching between different channels has been terrible and many private messages have been sent to the wrong chat channels since the update.

The lack of color coding bothers many others too because they can’t quickly tell the difference between the channels while playing League matches.

These disgruntled players claim they’d enjoy using the new 2023 League chat feature more if the colors were brighter and the chat channels had a universal color coding system, for example, blue chat messages meant /ally and red chat meant /all chats.

The new party chat feature is great for those wanting to chat solely with their premade League parties. However, a few issues need to be improved to help create a more user-friendly and less frustrating experience for players.

Riot has yet to respond to the complaints from these League players.

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