League players already slamming Jax’s mid-scope update one day into new patch

Imagine if he had a real update.

Jax is an old League of Legends champion and theres no doubt he and his pizza feet were in desperate need of an update. With Patch 13.1 Riot Games granted Jax mains their wish and shipped Jaxs mid-scope update which was, to say the least, met with general dissatisfaction.

Jaxs mid-scope update went live with Patch 13.1 on Jan. 11. Following the release of the patch on live servers, the community immediately dissected Riots efforts deeming the update as something that completely butchered the champion. Whats more, a League fan created an entire post on Reddit elaborating on a series of visual issues arising after the devs shipped the mid-scope update

According to this League fan, new animations and the third hit of passive are too slow, especially when compared to the original Jax. Jaxs Grandmasters Might seems entirely bland and as if it will have no impact on the champion. Aside from that, Grandmasters Might no longer has a visible shield, the third hit indicator is identical on every skin, but recolored, and the spells active has no SFX on newer skins like Empyrean.

Jaxs Legendary skin, Mecha Kingdoms Jax, wasnt spared in the process, with the skin getting animations removed left and right like an animation for learning your ultimate and reactive shield from it.

The enraged Jax player explained Riot didnt make any adjustments to Jax during PBE testing, essentially not responding to feedback, and, therefore, left the champion in a worse state than it was prior to the mid-scope update.

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