League player showcases what Milio is capable of when paired with 4 ADCs

Not even distance can save you from this onslaught.

Thanks to the abilities of League of Legends’ next champion, players might be able to take down crucial in-game objectives without even being near themand in certain cases, dangerously fast.

Vandiril, a notable content creator within the larger League community who often showcases bugs and exploits plaguing the game, posted a short video on Twitter toady showcasing Milio alongside four ally ADCs taking down a full-health turret from inside the top jungle. Though this was against bots on the games PBE, it nevertheless shows that Leagues upcoming champion has the potential to make some powerful champions even more deadly.

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While this strategy is improbable, its certainly not impossible to pull off. Recent changes to the meta have favored ADCs in multiple positions simultaneously for both solo queue and professional play. Therefore, with a team like this, Milio could theoretically empower all of his marksman allieswho already have decently long rangeand enable them to take down objectives like towers, dragons, and even the Baron from outside of their attack range.

Vandiril is demonstrating this strategy in a co-op versus bots game, allowing him to execute this strategy flawlessly without any opponents interfering, which isnt normally how events would transpire. But the various champions on his team appear to have access to only items they would have around the 21-minute mark, though each of these champions does have an innate way to increase their range without the help of Milio.

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To successfully outrange turrets from this far away without using Twitch, Senna, KogMaw, Jinx, or Caitlyn, players will likely need to purchase a Rapid Firecannon, which will provide them with additional range that could be increased further thanks to Milio. But an unorthodox team composition like this, despite resulting in memorable moments, may not be the best option for winning most matches.

Milio, the Gentle Flame, is set to be released on the live League servers alongside Patch 13.6 on March 22, with his debut skin, Faerie Court, likely appearing in the shop a few days later.

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