League player showcases that dealing damage is not the only way to kill an enemy

Next-generation League of Legends.

Typically, players in League of Legends kill the enemy team by dealing damage by using their abilities and auto-attacks. But this player found a new and unique way to use their abilities and kill the enemy without touching them with damaging spells.

A fan shared a play on Leagues subreddit featuring them in the role of Jhin, trying to one-vs-one an enemy Xayah player. In the clip, our hero flanks Xayah, who was only trying to defend the base from Baron-empowered minions. Then, we see our sniper trying to one-shot the Xayah player by using the Galeforce and fourth shot. Xayah was quick enough and reacted by using the untargetability from Featerstorm. 

But Jhins homicidal efforts dont stop there as the player tries to once again execute Xayah and this time by trying to snipe her down with his W ability, Deadly Flourish. As Xayah flashes this ability, thinking shes safe, Jhin player traps her with his Curtain Call. Not even firing a single shot of his ultimate, Jhin used this spell to trap Xayah with nearby Baron-empowered minions finishing her off. 

This player clearly showcases that dealing damage in League is not the only way to outplay and eventually kill your opponent. Instead, you should think stop for a second, rethink your play, and see if theres a more creative and ingenious way to kill the enemy without tiring yourself.

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