League player discovers AFK account leveling trick that’s ruining games

Not again.

AFK leveling accounts in League of Legends might have found another trick to quickly gain experience in games versus bots.

One League player called out the new system on the game’s subreddit on Jan. 19. They explained that AFK accounts pick Akshan, buy a Doran’s Shield, and simply swing around Wolf Camp for the whole game.

This stops them from being penalized due to Akshan’s eternal swing making them officially “active” in-game. Doran’s Shield, meanwhile, heals them up throughout the game.

As a result, the games take longer than they should. Despite it not having a big impact since it’s against bots, it’s still a concern for new players.

The player that mentioned the issue proposed a solution. In their eyes, a quick fix would be to change Akshan’s Heroic Swing so that it doesn’t last forever. This would force AFK accounts to use the ability every 30 seconds or so.

Some League players in the comments claim simply popping the Blast Cone once Akshan is in range would solve the problem. Others point out that champions like Trundle or Anivia can put an obstacle in their way, also stopping their swing. Either way, most agree the developers should step in and fix this issue.

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