League Patch 12.23b tackles strong junglers, overtuned preseason items before Riot shutdown

These changes may be enough for players to finally enjoy preseason.

Riot Games wasnt about to let the year end without addressing some glaring balancing issues plaguing League of Legends in its current preseason.

Patch 12.23b is finally live in League after a brief tease through the patch preview earlier this week and a handful of adjustments making their way to the PBE. This mid-patch will be the final large set of balance changes hitting the game this year before Patch 13.1 launches at the beginning of next yearbar the implementation of any hotfixes.

The sole buff representing part two of Patch 12.23 is going to Lux. Specifically, shell be gaining tools for her mid lane presence in the form of increases to the AP ratios of her E and ultimate. In a Reddit thread yesterday, Riot Ray Yonggi noted the team isnt worried about her state as a support due to her dominance as part of a pair with Caitlyn for most of 2022.

Nerfs overwhelmingly appear as part of the final major League changes of the year. Among the aspects of the game being tuned are a handful of champions with dominant presences across the map, as well as various systems either introduced or changed during the preseason, such as the jungle and certain items.

Dr. Mundos pick and win rates have risen exponentially as a result of the new Mythic item Heartsteel, making the already unkillable champion even more invulnerable than before. While Heartsteel isnt being changed, Dr. Mundo himself is seeing nearly all of his abilities changed, most notably with the health regen associated with his passive. It will now also cost more health for the Madman of Zaun to use his Q and E.

A majority of these nerfs are aimed at champions that fulfill the jungle role, particularly those that have enjoyed the preseasons jungle adjustments.

After speeding his way to the top of the meta, Rammus will be a bit less tanky at all times with substantial nerfs to his W resistances and cooldown. Meanwhile, Hecarim and Lillia are set to receive slight nerfs to their Q abilities, as well as less damage over time through Lillias passive.

Mordekaiser changes were also listed, but seem to have been pulled.

The jungle itself is also being tweaked, all of which tackle new aspects of the role gained in the offseason. The pet, Mosstomper, will have its shield reduced, epic monsters like Drakes will provide less damage reduction, and pets will provide less gold for being fed treats.

Riot is also heavily adjusting Udyr, the most recently reworked champion and one who enjoyed a new build path this preseason that has brought him to the top of the jungle meta. Nearly all of the champion’s mana costs are being reduced, while every aspect of his Q’s damage will be nerfed greatly and no longer deal damage based on HP.

Many League fans will rejoice that Zed, who has long been a nuisance for his damage and mobility, is finally being tuned down after enjoying changes made to the item Ravenous Hydra. Both his Q and E will deal slightly less damage at all ranks, while Ravenous Hydra itself is also being nerfed through a lower cleave AD ratio and more stacks being lost upon dying. These cleave changes will also impact its component item, Tiamat.

Another strong item, JakSho: The Protean, is having its cost increased to 3,100 gold and provide fewer resists per stack. Alongside this, two marksman itemsLord Dominik’s Regards and Stormrazorare receiving help to better make them efficient purchases.

In the bot lane, Nilah and Janna are receiving ample nerfs, with the former also having been prioritized due to the changes to Ravenous Hydra. Nilahs damage and self-healing potential are being nerfed heavily, particularly through the bonuses provided to her Q and ultimate through crit chance. Janna’s passive movement speed is being hit hard, while also lowering the bonus AD she gives to allies with her E.

Riot Phroxzon, lead designer on the League balance team and preseason, also noted the team is actively looking at adjusting Rod of Ages, Radiant Virtue, and Seraphs Embrace, while also making JakSho: The Protean less viable on fighters. However, these items will not see extensive changes until next year, as the team needs more time to evaluate.

League Patch 12.23b is available for players to download now and is likely to contain the last major batch of changes hitting the game in 2022.

It is not currently clear the exact day on which the first patch of the 2023 League Season, Patch 13.1, will launch outside it being around the beginning of January.

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