League of Legends fan art shows off what Star Guardian Vex could look like

Riot Games, please notice this incredible artist!

Buru Art, a freelance digital artist hoping to one day become part of the visual Riot Games team, showcased their latest splash art concept for Star Guardian Vex on Reddit

As a regular Vex lover and enjoyer, Buru Art was unhappy with the only available Vex skin, Dawnbringer Vex. Seeing the Star Guardian event as an excellent opportunity to once again display mastery of digital art, Buru Art imagined Star Guardian Vex from scratch and stunned the entire League subreddit with a rich color palette, level of detail, and imaginativeness. 

Image via u/BuruArtLoL

Besides, Buru Art has also fully designed a game model that not only leaves us lost for words but also perfectly fits Leagues art style. Buru Art has also shared the timelapse for Star Guardian Vex concept art that finally gives us some insight into the intricate creation process. 

Incredibly talented and eager to showcase their art skillset, Buru Art has dozens of splash arts on the ArtStation profile that are only getting better each time. The other prominent works by Buru Art are Dawnbringer Janna, Dawnbringer Ahri, Elderwood Elise, and Bloodmoon Syndra

If you enjoyed this magnificent concept art from Buru Art just like we did, we advise you to follow them on Reddit, Twitter, or ArtStation to see more similar works that simply get better over time. 

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