League of Legends and VALORANT services are currently down

Things are going south pretty quickly.

If you’ve been tryingand failingto jump onto Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends or into a quick match of VALORANT today, don’t fret. Many other people are experiencing a large outage that is currently affecting both games.

This follows multiple reports of a widespread outage at Twitch, with several streamers and viewers saying that their broadcasts aren’t loading, home pages aren’t fully loading, and features are not available for use.

Screengrab via Riot Games

League users, on the other hand, are reporting that they are unable to log into their accounts past the general game launcher, receiving an error that says the platform might be down for maintenance. When loading up VALORANT, users are stuck on the initial loading screen before getting the VAL 59 error code. The only fix that the client provides is to restart the game.

Down Detector is also reporting multiple issues for Amazon Web Services, which could be a major cause for the issues that these other titles are facing at the moment. Twitch has already sent out a statement for its user base, saying that the developers are “aware of issues with the site and our teams are actively working on a resolution.”

Riot, on the other hand, has not issued a statement about the outages for its two games, and the service status page does not have any news on the outage as a whole.

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