League of Legends’ 2022 Star Guardian event is now live

Get out there and defend the galaxy.

League of Legends 2022 Star Guardian event is now live, marking the beginning of a 10-week celebration set to last throughout the summer months. This years Star Guardian event marks the return of one of Leagues most popular alternate universe skin lines, which revolves around Japanese animation styles and pays tribute, specifically, to the magical girl subgenre of anime. 

Like all major in-game League events, Star Guardian 2022 is commemorated with a plethora of in-game activities and new skins to purchase. This year, the Star Guardian celebration is also being celebrated beyond League, with other Riot titles holding their own promotions throughout the event as well. 

This years League Star Guardian event adds 12 new Star Guardian skins to the skin line, bringing more additions to Leagues most popular alternate universe. The dozen new skins this year join the lineup of over 20 other Star Guardian skins already in the game. 

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This year, League is introducing Star Guardian skins for Akali, KaiSa, Sona, Taliyah, Quinn, Rell, Nilah, and Ekko. Nilahs Star Guardian skin serves as her launch skin alongside the champions release, while Ekkos Star Guardian skin will also have a prestige version. Syndras Star Guardian skin, which was originally released in 2017, will also be getting a prestige edition this summer. Star Nemesis skins for Morgana and Fiddlesticks will be released as well.

League players can log into the games client to take part in a narrative story found entirely within the client. The in-client game, called Star Guardian: Another Sky, gives players a chance to experience the full story of the Star Guardians. 

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Players will progress through a compelling story of love and loss, forgiveness and friendship through the eyes of a brand new crew led by Akali and KaiSa, according to Riot. At the same time, by completing in-game champion missions, they’ll increase their bond with the various Guardians, unlocking rewards and discovering new stories along the way.

The Star Guardian event will also have unique experiences and rewards to collect in other Riot titles, including Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot Games music division also contributed heavily to this years Star Guardian event. The official song for the event, Everything Goes On, was produced by Grammy-nominated DJ Porter Robinson. Additionally, Riot released the third installment of its Sessions instrumental album series, titled Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah

Leagues Star Guardian event is now live on all servers and will last through September 2022. 

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