League head champ designer explains visual, audio issues with Jax’s mid-scope update: ‘We straight up missed a few things’

August outlined how Riot is fixing the situation surrounding Jax earlier today.

A recent mid-scope update to Jax in League of Legends has not hit the mark the games player base set for it. Following the launch of the update last week, Jax was immediately affected negatively when some of his skins were updated to be missing some of their visual and graphical effects. 

The update made it so that Jaxs visuals on certain skins struggle to reflect his strength, with the animations for his hard-hitting passive feeling slower than usual, and his ultimate, Grandmasters Might, no longer having a visual effect attached to its shield component. 

Thus, Leagues lead champion designer August Browning apologized today on behalf of the development team for accidentally removing some of Jaxs visual effects and clarified what the team is doing to remedy the situation. In Patch 13.2, Jax will be receiving a flurry of visual updates and animation tweaks in an effort to restore some aspect of the champions power fantasy. 

The update shipped missing some VFX, SFX, and [animation] details, Browning said on Twitter. This was partially due to some bugs that slipped in, but also because we straight up missed a few things. Sorry about that. We’ve been reading feedback posts and are working to get things fixed for next patch.

In Patch 13.2, Riot will be reversing unintentional changes to Jaxs animations, including a change that brings back his ultimates shield animation, as well as a fix that corrects the timing behind his ults auto-attack sounds. One bug, according to Riot, caused certain sounds to not play at all, but its been fixed going into Patch 13.2. 

Certain skins, including Mecha Kingdoms, God Staff, and Nemesis Jax, are all receiving new visual effects that make Jax feel more imposing and more dense. 

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While Jax may feel weaker from a visual standpoint on the games current patch, theres no question that the mid-scope update he received made him a much stronger champion overall. So far in Patch 13.1, Jax holds a 12 percent pick rate and 21 percent ban rate, the highest respective marks among all top laners in the game, according to League stats site op.gg. Riot has no plans to nerf Jax in Patch 13.2, only update his visuals and sound effects. 

With the changes that are on the table, though, its likely that in Patch 13.2, Jax will go back to looking and feeling as strong as he actually is.

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