League fan remakes maligned Brink of Infinity cinematic as poorly as possible, and some players like it better

"A work of art."

Many League of Legends fans didn’t like the Brink of Infinity cinematic, which was released as a celebration of the launch of the 2023 ranked season earlier this month. Now one fan has made a cheap remake of the cinematic, and it’s already getting praise from players.

Like the original Brink of Infinity, this version posted by Sploshiepooh on League’s subreddit on Sunday also goes through different terrain but this time through the in-game Summoner’s Rift and uses champions’ quotes as background audio.

The quotes used in the video make almost no sense at all, though. It’s hilarious.

The camera followers a bird through the in-game version of Summoner’s Rift, awkwardly panning left and right as random quotes are yelled out by text-to-speech.

While this video is nothing more than a parody of the original cinematic and apparently took just an hour to make, players are fond of it.

“Personally, I can’t see the difference,” one fan wrote in the comment section on Reddit. “Literally a work of art, abstract art, but art,” added another.

These comments are a nod towards the creators of the original cinematic, who were blamed after delivering an underwhelming product on Jan. 10. The community was outraged by the poor quality of the Brink of Infinity cinematic, and so were pro players.

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