League devs still watching ‘healing outliers’ and already planning more Grievous Wounds changes

Imagine League of Legends but without all the healing.

Healing and shielding have virtually always been an immeasurable source of frustration for almost all League of Legends players, rendering champions like Irelia, Aatrox, and Udyr unkillable raid bosses. Fortunately, Riot Games is looking to fix the major healing outliers and adjust Grevious Wounds.

In the spirit of the Riot devs sharing their plans for the future of the game on Jan. 8 with the community, League lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison shared on Jan. 10 that there will be additional changes coming to League targeted at the greatest healing outliers like Dr.Mundo, Rammus, and JakSho, The Protean.

Phroxzon added that Riot is further looking to tweak champions that exceed all healing expectations, especially after Ravenous Hydra and tank changes. In addition to that, well soon see small-scope changes coming to Grievous Wounds systems.

Currently, the finished item gives you 40 percent healing debuff and Riot is toying with the idea of giving the lesser anti-heal component 40 percent healing debuff. This can only mean that the finished Grevious Wounds items will give an additional percent of Grievous Wounds, making the item far stronger in healing compositions. 

Hopefully, this experiment will prove to be fruitful, and champions like Udyr who can erase up to three champions from the face of Summoners Rift while outhealing even champions like Soraka, can finally be punished for their greedy plays and mispositioning. If not, healing and healing debuffs need to go back to the workshop.

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