League devs finally fixing life-and-death Azir bug that affected Faker at Worlds 2022


Patch 13.1 hasn’t even settled in properly, but we might already be looking at a new set of changes that have surfaced on the League of Legends subreddit. Although the large majority of changes involve quality-of-life changes, Azirs bug fix easily stands out in the bunch, making the idea of the champion getting a huge win rate boost sound plausible.

According to datamined changes shared on Leagues subreddit on Jan. 10, Azir is getting a huge bug fix that will heavily influence his day-to-day interactions and might even have an impact on his win rate.

Normally, Azirs ultimate, Emperors Divide wouldnt knock the enemies up nor deal damage to them if the caster died during the casting animation and would still go on cooldown.

After this latest bug fix, Azirs ultimate spell, including its total damage and the knock-up, will go through, no matter if the champion dies mid-casting animation or not. This will, naturally, increase Azirs total damage output and allow the champion to help his team out even when dead.

Since this is a bug thats been troubling Azir mains for a while now and even Faker himself had this bug occur to him at Worlds 2023, we might actually see Azirs win rate rise with Riot Games needing to tweak the champions numbers a little. Still, its nice to see Riot is finally giving Azir some much-needed love after being a pick-or-ban champion in pro play for years now.

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