League devs finally address Essence Emporium’s return again and it’s not good news

We're just rolling in Blue Essence at this point.

In League of Legends, players can use two types of currency: Riot Points (RP) and Blue Essence (BE). RP is obtained by purchasing them using real-life money and is used to buy items like skins or battle passes. BE is earned through missions or disenchanting champions and can be used to purchase additional rune pages or champions.

While RP is more difficult to get because it requires you to spend real-world money, BE is easy to obtain, and all you need to do to earn it is play the game.

Those that have been playing for a long time often have an overabundance of BE and nowhere to spend it, which is why the Blue Essence Emporium was always such a hit.

The Blue Essence Emporium was a limited-time store where players could purchase emotes, chromas, and icons using their BE. However, in League Patch 12.2, Riot developers announced the Blue Essence Emporium would be going on a hiatus while they made the store more efficient and tweaked the system.

Now, it’s been eight months since that hiatus began, and many have been wondering when it will return. In a comment on the League subreddit, a player asked one Riot dev, GalaxySmash, for an update. He said there was currently no official update but said it hadn’t been forgottenit may just take a bit longer to return.

How to spend your spare Blue Essence in League

So, with all this essence overflowing and no Blue Essence Emporium coming back any time soon, how can you get rid of the excess?

Well, League players have cooked up several options.

After GalaxySmash’s comment, League players have suggested some interesting ways to spend spare BE. These include buying all the additional rune pages, purchasing many clash tickets, or changing your League Summoner Name as often as possible. Others have also suggested they’d be willing to share BE if Riot introduced gifting.

Unfortunately though, if you have a stockpile of BE and you’ve been patiently hoping for the return of the emporium, you may want to use it for something else, as there are no updates on when the emporium will return.

If Riot does change its tune, we’ll update you as soon as possible.

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