League devs detail new Aurelion Sol stats and interactions ahead of rework release

The Star Forger's kit looks spicy.

Aurelion Sol’s rework is coming to League of Legends soon. The champion is expected to see an update in Patch 13.3, which will arrive in the game on Feb. 8. Recently, some more details about his abilities have surfaced.

Riot Games developer Yelough posted some extra information about Aurelion Sol’s abilities last week. This saw daylight on Jan. 16, when it was reposted on the community’s subreddit.

Details about four of Aurelion Sol’s abilities stats and interactions were released. When it comes to his new Q, Breath of Light, it will have a cooldown and maximum channel duration, but these will be ignored during Astral Flight. Moreover, during flight, the ability will follow the player’s mouse, and it will be possible to shoot it 360 degrees.

The Astral Flight will have a small basic distance (1200), but it will increase by 7.5 per each Stardust collected. During the ability, Aurelion Sol will fly in a straight line, with his final direction not revealed to the enemies. He will also see past walls, but not into brushes while being seen by nearby enemies. The ability will be canceled by movement or by clicking W. But while doing so with the latter way his channeled Q won’t be canceled.

Aurelion Sol’s E will be Singularity, which summons a black hole at a target location. Despite damaging and pulling enemies toward the center, it will also execute a few of them. Yelough detailed that the execution threshold begins at five percent max health, increased by one percent around when the champ has 40 stacks of passive. Minions and monsters will also have zero movement speed while in the ability.

His first ultimate damage will be on par with Orianna and Azir’s damage approximately. The upgraded version will see a decent boost on that. Moreover, Yasuo’s Windwall “does stop the movement of his ult but it does not prevent the damage and stun.” The ability will also hit epic monsters.

This information is subject to change before Aurelion Sol reportedly releases on Patch 13.3.

You find official info on his reworked abilities here.

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