League devs are working on updating one iconic champion

They're in dire need of an update.

League of Legends developers are known for constantly updating the game. But with 162 champions, it’s tough to keep everyone satisfied. It’s impossible to keep every one of them up to date. One of the outdated champs, however, will be receiving an update soon.

August Riot August Browning, the lead champion designer at Riot, revealed on Reddit on Jan. 17 that his team is aiming to update Kayle and will have some information to share soon. “Currently doing some Kayle work,” he wrote. Should have stuff to share soon.”

This news was immediately cherished by Kayle players in the comments, who praised the decision since the champion has seemingly been out of the meta for a few months now. The Righteous didn’t receive any major update last year, aside from the sustainability update in Patch 12.10, which boosted every single champ in the game.

Her poor state is also portrayed by her low win rate in solo queue. In Platinum+ rankings, Kayle has recorded a 48.94 percent win rate in the top lane only, according to League stats site U.GG. This statistic goes in pair with her low 1.7 percent pick rate and 0.4 percent ban rate. Kayle is also very rarely seen in professional games nowadays, with most top laners preferring beefy bruisers and tanks.

It’s impossible to predict what exactly Riot will want to tweak in Kayle’s kit. Nevertheless, with the champ being basically non-existent in solo queue and in competitive leagues, she could see some firm buffs.

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