League devs are giving Corki scaling buffs—and it could make him even more oppressive

Guess who's back? Back again?

The changes coming in League of Legends patch 12.21 are small in number, but could have big effects before preseason comes along and blows everything up again.

Most notable of the newly-revealed changes are buffs directly to Corki’s scaling, as revealed by balance team lead Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison on Thursday.

The newly-revealed Corki buffs are twofold: he’s receiving offensive firepower in an additional 0.3 AD per level (5.1 total), and defensive help as well in 105 base HP per level, up from 101 (total now 2,373 instead of 2,305).

Rumors of changes to Corki had been swirling in the last few days, but now we have confirmation regarding exactly what those numbers will be.

The pro play staple is often the harbinger of more boring, scaling metas at the highest level thanks to the almost unparalleled amounts of damage he can dish out from the mid lane, among other reasons. These changes in isolation seem like they’re only going to push the Daring Bombardier further into that mold.

Corki’s primary build path, and perhaps most notably in pro play where he rears his little Yordle head the most, was a mixed damage one. Manamune, Luden’s Tempest, and Ravenous Hydra comprised Corkis core items this past year.

If his most recent set of changes back in patch 12.13 were the start of a trend, then these might be another step in making Corki a more AD-focused champion instead of the brunt of his damage coming from his unique magic damage auto attacks, among other places.

Other champions’ changes have already gone live on the PBE, including for Miss Fortune, Bel’Veth, and Xin Zhao. On top of that, lots of item changes are coming in patch 12.21 too.

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