‘League culture is so f*****g stupid’: Nemesis reacts to latest drama in the League community

No wonder he's annoyed.

The best-of-five between Gen.G and DWG KIA at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship was easily the most exciting series we had the honor of watching. Although both teams played their heart out, the community is lashing out at Gen.Gs Han Peanut Wang-ho and accusing him of playing extremely poorly when compared to DWG KIAs Kim Canyon Geon-bu. Annoyed with this, League streamer and ex-pro player, Tim Nemesis Lipovšek shared his thoughts on this topic.

During his recent stream, one of Nemesis viewers asked him who, according to his opinion, is the best jungler left at Worlds 2022. Asking the seemingly harmless question, the viewer added that all answers are valid except Peanut.

Outraged with Twitter and Reddit parroting ideas and thoughts that arent their own, Nemesis sarcastically said, Apparently, Peanut is just a Diamond player and Canyon is just Challenger. What can you do?

Nemesis continued his rant by establishing that League culture is stupid, and instead of focusing on the gameplay, it focuses on gossiping.

The League culture is so fucking stupid. Its just people spreading nonsense on Twitter 24/7 and Reddit, and Youtube. Its so fucking disgusting, Nemesis said.

Nemesis continued by saying how people who believe they are entitled to comment on Peanuts or anybody elses gameplay are nowhere near their level of knowledge. Literally, the biggest backseating on Twitter 24/7 by people that cant even play the game. Thats the most triggering part, he said.

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