League challenge remade titles may actually be a bug, again

Not again.

League of Legends challenges is a feature that first saw action in May 2022 as one of the main features to reward players with titles for their unique plays, approach to the game, and collections. With Season 13 slowly, but surely hitting the live servers on Jan. 10 and 11, the community noticed League challenge titles are remade once again, but one believes its an intended feature.

After recent updates to the League client, the community quickly realized League challenge titles changed colors. For example, the title for successfully dodging skill shots that used to be called Fancy Feet is now called Artful Dodger. Aside from that, the Absolute titles came back, with the best examples being Absolute Artist, Absolute Treasure, and Absolute Summoner.

Since there was a similar issue only a couple of months back with placeholder titles somehow finding their way to the live servers, the community believes this is yet another similar bug. Besides, fans think this is not a permanent change and it will be reverted as soon as Riot learns about its mistake. 

Coming into Season 13, seasonal League challenges and challenge titles will be either reset or made anew for players to obtain them in 2023. So, challenges like Unkillable Demon King: 2022 will no longer be obtainable and will be replaced with the challenge Unkillable Demon King: 2023. Other challenges will stay unchanged and you can continue to make progress with them. 

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