LCS teams already working on signing third imports for next season, according to LS

Bad news for native North American players.

The LCS is allegedly looking to increase the number of import slots starting next year, and some teams have already begun to look for new players overseas, according to LS.

The former coach and caster revealed the information during his April 23 broadcast, where he discussed Evil Geniuses reportedly revamping their LCS roster ahead of the 2023 Summer Split. After explaining why the org is most likely doing so, he shed light on LCS teams’ other moves tied to a potential third import slot in 2024 onwards.

“Something no one is talking about, […] LCS teams have already begun contacting LCK teams in order to acquire a third import player without the intention of fielding them in Summer for LCS or NA Academy,” LS said.

Furthermore, LS added the intention of these contacts recently is to get into an “agreement” with an LCK player and team, in which they’ll join the North American organization after the import change goes through. Although LS pointed out some LCS organizations already sign LCK Challenger or Academy players and make them officially join their roster in 2024. “A lot of LCS teams have already begun doing that,” LS added.

As a result, LS expects that native North American players will have even less chance of securing a starting position in LCS teams due to many more imports coming their way.

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The discussion about Riot aiming to expand the LCS import rule started on April 16, when Cloud9’s AD carry Berserker accidentally leaked the information on his personal Twitch live stream. “Riot said next year can be three Koreans or three Chinese. […] Im not sure about that, but I heard about it,” the Korean player said.

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