LCS Championship series between EG and TSM experiencing hour-long delays thanks to audio issues, subsequent pauses

LCS fans have been forced to wait while on-stage audio issues are resolved.

Tonights LCS Championship quarterfinal series between Evil Geniuses and TSM has been marred by delays ever since it started. After players were forced to remake champion select following an issue ahead of the first game of the series, the rest of the match played host to a swath of delays and pauses. 

In the second game of the series, EG and TSM saw their gameplay interrupted by seven different pauses, most of which came during the final stages of the game. Right after the second pause concluded, EG won the final teamfight of the game, sending the series to an extended break. 

According to the LCS, players suffered from issues surrounding in-game audio. 

Following game two of the series, the match was delayed while the league investigated the cause of the audio issues. At 5:55pm CT, the LCS notified members of the media that The series between EG and TSM is experiencing recurring audio issues that are impacting in-game player comms across both teams. 

Since players on both teams were experiencing problems with their audio, a full system reboot of all players PCs on-stage was initiated in an effort to solve the series technical issues. The LCS went to an unprecedented 15-minute commercial break to fill time in the broadcast before returning to the analyst desk, where multiple segments were improvised back-to-back.

Over one hour later, the match has not yet resumed. The two teams have played just two games since the scheduled start time of 3pm CT. This series between EG and TSM has featured more time during breaks and pauses than in-game action.

This story is developing and will be updated as more details are revealed. 

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