LCO rosters locked in for 2022 Split 2

Kevy's exit set a mini Oceanic reshuffle in motion.

All Oceanic League of Legends rosters have been submitted on the eve of LCO 2022 Split Twos opening matchday, with seven of the Australia leagues eight teams making changes ahead of the second season of the year.

Just Pentanet.GG have stuck to their Split One lineup, preferring to keep their synergy strong rather than be sucked into the mini LCO reshuffle between seasons.

Dire Wolves, who ran fifth in Split One, have made the biggest changes, though some were simply unavoidable. The Wolfpack lost jungler Jeong Goodo Min-jae to ORDER after the MSI representatives themselves were stripped of their MVP playmaker Shane Kevy Allenthe Aussie star was acquired by CLG Academy.

The org replaced him with coach-come-player Kim Poltron Nicholls and promoted Alvin Dante Wong and Drekani Bulldog Akuhata to starters at the same time. Bot lane duo Frosts and Shinki were released by the org.

Several orgs in the race for the Split Two title shuffled things too.

The biggest move of the offseason came at PEACE: the 2021 champs re-acquired star AD carry Vincent Violet Wong after his stint with the Golden Guardians in the LCS system and paired him with role-swapped support Vincent Gunkrab Lin. Chayon and Beats made way and were moved to the bench.

And in a bold swap, the Chiefs chose to ship off All-Pro support Dragon Dragku Guo (now listed as a sub, but bootcamping in Korea) and add ex-PEACE star Ryan Aladoric Richardson following their grand final loss.

Heres all the LCO 2022 Split Two roster changes.

Chiefs Esports Club

  • Ins: Aladoric (support), Babip (coach)
  • Outs: Dragku (benched), Cuden (released)
  • Retained: Topoon, Arthur, Tally, Raes

Dire Wolves

  • Ins: Poltron (jungle), Siuman (mid), ShardBlade (substitute)
  • Outs: Goodo (to ORDER), Kyose, Frosts, Shinki (released)
  • Retained: Zorenous, Dante, Bulldog


  • Ins: Llenia (jungle)
  • Outs: Azus, Akano (released)

Kanga Esports

  • Ins: N/A
  • Outs: Only, Chungy (released)
  • Retained: Lived, Scott, Fighto, Leemas, Lionel


  • Ins: Papryze (top), Ali G (support), Mikru (subsitute)
  • Outs: Rocco521 (released)
  • Retained: Tronthepom, Meifan, Reufury, Voice


  • Ins: Goodo (jungle)
  • Outs: Kevy (to Counter Logic Gaming)
  • Retained: BioPanther, Kisee, Puma, Corporal


  • Ins: Violet (ADC), Gunkrab (support)
  • Outs: Chayon, Beats (benched)
  • Retained: Thien, LeeSA, Apii


  • Ins: N/A
  • Outs: N/A
  • Retained: Winterer, BalKhan, Yuri, Praedyth, Rogue

LCO 2022 Split Two begins tonight, June 6. ORDER will begin proceedings against Split One wooden spooners Gravitas from 6pm AEST at

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