LCK tackles match pauses and delays with new improvement plan

The league is taking action.

The LCK has promised to take new measures to curb match issues the league has been facing during the 2022 LCK Summer Split.

It will implement 15-second match pauses after every game start to double-check the player’s runes, and if the game encounters a pause, it will communicate the information to viewers with more transparency, the LCK said today in a statement on social media. The league is also working on implementing additional measures to tackle the issue in the future.

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A deliberation process is ongoing with the KeSPA committee regarding a recent series between T1 and Hanwha Life, the LCK said. It also reminded fans that “pre-inspections and play tests” are performed every match day.

Since the start of the split, the competition has undergone match delays, pauses, and remakes due to a myriad of bugs in League of Legends.

This issue was highlighted by T1, which voiced its discontent and filed a formal objection on July 13 about a remake decided by the LCK during the team’s series against Hanwha Life. The remake caused a significant delay.

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On July 21, a week later, the summoner’s spell Hex Flash was also temporarily disabled due to a bug in a match between DWG KIA and Nongshim RedForce, leading to a one-hour delay to remake the game.

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