LCK Summer Playoffs semifinals series between T1 and DWG KIA peaks at over one million concurrent viewers

The competition in the LCK continues to entrance viewers.

The LCK continues to stand out among the international professional League of Legends for some of the most competitive play in the world. Today the league was able to add another accolade to its repertoire, this time with the help of the fans.

Todays semifinal matchup of the 2022 LCK Summer Playoffs between T1 and DWG KIA, both former world champions, amassed a peak of 1,013,992 concurrent viewers, according to Esports Charts. This makes it the most watched game of the 2022 LCK Summer Split, the second most-watched game of the LCK this year, and one of the most-viewed live League games of all time.

Earlier this year, the LCK broke its viewership record during the Spring Playoffs battle between T1 and Gen.G, which garnered a peak of 1,374,155 concurrent viewers across multiple streaming platforms. The previous record was 1,315,849 viewers, attained during the 2021 Summer Split finals, and featured T1 and DWG KIA.

T1 controls the top five spots in peak concurrent viewership for the LCK Summer Split, though the second most-watched game, where they faced Gen.G in week seven, has about half of the viewership of todays matchup.

Winning this best-of-five series 3-2 has earned T1, a team that ran undefeated through the Spring Split to become the reigning LCK champions, a spot at this years World Championships. The organization has been featured on the international stage numerous times and has won the Summoners Cup on two occasions with the help of star players, including Faker.

The 2022 League World Championships is set to start on Sept. 29 with the Play-Ins stage in Mexico City, Mexico, then head to the United States for the remaining stages. Though they have already qualified, T1 have the opportunity to win another LCK title this year in the Summer Playoffs finals, but have to get past the formidable Gen.G.

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