Latest Pokémon News: Scarlet and Violet Lechonk distribution proves pigs can fly, Go player turns home into PokeStop

Now Pokémon fans have seen it all.

If youve ever wanted to see a pig fly in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, make sure you visit Gamestop. From March 31 onward, theyre giving away code cards that can be redeemed via Mystery Gift and receive Lechonk with a Flying Tera-type.

In other news, a Pokémon Go player has done the impossibletheyve managed to turn their home into a PokéStop, making it convenient to acquire eggs, items, gifts, tasks, and of course, Pokémon. It seems like theyve had all the good fortune, though, because another player missed out on catching Regice due to a frustrating bug, and the community is urging them to contact Niantic.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players have banded together to dish up yet another list of demands after venting about how the Generation IX titles still have serious issues four months on.

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Its a bird. Its a plane. Its Lechonk

As a part of their efforts to promote the launch of a new Scarlet and Violet Pokémon TCG set, Gamestop is giving away code cards that players can use to receive Lechonk with a Flying Tera-type. The cards will be handed out from March 31 onward, and can be redeemed via Mystery Gift all the way until June 30.

And the best part is, you dont need to buy anything to receive one.

Pokémon Go player turns house into PokéStop

Some Pokémon Go players get all the luck. That couldn’t be more true for its_brenanners, who nominated their house to be a PokéStop and actually had it approved, which is a rare occurrence.

For context, another player said theyd submitted at least 26 other public things that could easily be considered a genuine PokéStop, and although most of them were accepted, two werentpresumably because they didnt meet the criteria to qualify for one. Others said theyve had things like public libraries rejected because the buildings looked like old houses, too.

Its obviously amazing news for its_brenanners and other players in their area, because it means theyll have a conveniently located PokéStop at all times, which will make the grind easier. For others, however, it could spark some jealousy.

Niantic, youve got some explaining to do

While the player in the previous story was incredibly lucky, another named ItsLIX89 was far less fortunate. They defeated Giovanni and were supposed to receive Shadow Regice, but due to a bug, the catch animation screen didnt have a button for them to press, meaning they couldnt do it.

Whats more, since they battled Giovanni via a balloon and the timer ran out, theyre unable to do the encounter again. And to make matters worse, they contacted Niantic about it, but werent actually able to make it far enough in the system to the point where they were able to speak to someone human. So, they filed a bug report and cut their losses.

Scarlet and Violet are still plagued with issues four months on

On the main video game series front, rather than celebrating the fact Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are a little more than four months old, players banded together to create a list of all the issues that still need to be fixed.

The two most pressing issues are how bad the visuals look at times, and how poorly Tera Raids run when teaming up with others online. There were, however, many others mentioned too, including stuttering frame rates, crashes, towns that feel soulless and empty, and more.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tera RaidsImage via The Pokémon Company

The next patch will reportedly be released in April. Its main purpose is to fix a glitch that caused people to miss out on catching Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Tera, but there is some hope it will include other fixes, too.

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