LaserCorps changes, Vex nerf coming to Patch 13.7 in TFT Set 8.5

Mortdog gives a sneak peek of the next TFT patch.

Thanks to some tweets from lead designer of Teamfight Tactics Stephen Mortdog Mortimer, fans now know that TFT Set 8.5 is receiving significant changes in the upcoming Patch 13.7. Some of the biggest ones include adjustments to the LaserCorps trait and a nerf to Vex.

Not only are we seeing those changes, but there are also over 20 hero adjustments and confirmed buffs to a group of traits and heroes. Patch 13.7 is looking to balance Set 8.5, making it a little less simple while keeping the fun.

LaserCorps changes, Vex nerf headline Patch 13.7

When it comes to the current meta of TFT Set 8.5, the LaserCorps Warwick composition is very strong thanks to how the key trait worked. Fans might be expecting an immediate nerf, but the TFT dev team is aiming for more of an adjustment than a true nerf or buff.

To start, the current LaserCorps gives all units a drone when five of the trait are on your board. The team recognized the power that spike gave, changing it so now with four LaserCorps units, everyone gets a drone. To compensate, the damage that the drones can do has changed from 30/50/65/99 to 27/35/55/80. Thats a big damage drop-off, but now the composition is easier to fit into teams.

Image via Riot Games

As for the other key change, one of the strongest units in early Set 8.5 gameplay is Vex, and that mainly has to do with her ability. She shoots a magic blast at her enemies dealing magic damage, but on the third cast, it goes through enemies for the exact same damage as her regular blasts. The nerf was expected, with that third cast getting adjusted so it does less damage after hitting the first target.

Lots of hero augment adjustments coming soon

As for the aforementioned 20 hero augment changes, Mortdog only mentioned four in particular. The first is the Time Knife augment for Shen, now making his ability 10 mana cheaper and his first three strikes while using it deal bonus true damage equal to 250 percent of his armor.

The next one revealed was Scarier-crow, one for Fiddlesticks. For Patch 13.7, this augment allows Fiddlesticks to collect souls even if no longer dormant. Alongside that, his ability can critically strike and will remain dormant for a maximum time of eight seconds, no matter what happens.

The second to last augment change we know of is for Vex. Now, the Joy Siphon augment allows Vex to heal the two lowest health allies on her team for 22 percent of the damage she deals.

Image via Riot Games

Lastly, we have the Hyperbolic Time Chamber hero augment for Lucian. For Patch 13.7, the first time your strongest Lucian uses his ability, and every three times after that, you gain two experience points.
Comparing these changes to what exists in the game, these three changes are all significant buffs to already-strong augments. Time Knife is entirely new, so well have to wait and see how it works in TFT.

Other confirmed changes coming in Patch 13.7

That wasnt all, as Mortdog promised lots of other adjustments coming to specific traits and heroes for TFT Set 8.5. Confirmed trait changes include:

  • Ace gets improved trait augments
  • Gadgeteen buffs
  • InfiniTeam buffs
  • Parallel buffs
  • Renegade buffs
  • Sureshot buffs

As for heroes, there are also some specific details.

  • KaiSa more of an AP carry with adjusted stats
  • Lux missile speed increased
  • Samira cant be interrupted during ability
  • Gangplank buffs
  • Sivir buffs
  • Morgana buffs
  • Belveth buffs
  • Garen buffs
  • Urgot buffs
  • Ultimate Ezreal buffs

As of right now, thats all thats been shared, but be sure to stay tuned for when the full patch notes for 13.7 are released.

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