KSCERATO wants CS:GO 2 to mimic one feature from VALORANT

It would definitely be a game-changing factor.

FURIA’s CS:GO rifler KSCERATO, the best player in Brazil in recent years, has revealed what he wants to see added to the game now that Valve is on the verge of releasing the Source 2 engine to Counter-Strike.

“Id add more weapons to the game and Id also add a matchmaking system similar to what VALORANT has,” KSCERATO said in an interview with Dot Esports.

Although the community regularly asks for new weapons to shake up the meta, it’s unlikely that Valve would add more weapons to CS:GO 2 based on what it has done over the course of the franchise’s history.

Most of the weapons that show up in CS:GO are the same that were featured in Counter-Strike: 1.6, with the exception of a few guns like the taser Zeus x27, the light machine-gun Negev, and the shotgun Mag7.

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As for matchmaking, the system in place in CS:GO heavily differs from what Riot Games has done in VALORANT, which launched in 2020. In VALORANT, players can keep track of their progress with the Ranked Rating system and matchmaking is widely used among professional players because of the powerful anti-cheat service and 128-tick servers, whereas in CS:GO most of the players that want to play in a more competitive environment or have the intent to compete professionally eventually migrate to third-party platforms like FACEIT or ESEA because the official matchmaking uses 64-tick servers, is plagued with cheaters, and you never know when you’ll rank up or decay.

It’s currently unclear how much the Source 2 update will impact CS:GO immediately, but most of the community has high hopes nonetheless. Valve is due to release Source 2 this month, according to a report by independent journalist Richard Lewis, and all recent leaks point we’re closer than ever.

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