K’Sante’s win rate is abysmal at League of Legends release despite early buffs

There's no need to panic.

KSante, the Pride of Nazumah, is the latest League of Legends champion to hit the live servers on Nov. 3. Trying to avoid the tradition of releasing unbalanced champions like Yuumi and Zeri, Riot Games preemptively buffed KSante on the PBE. But this wasnt enough for the champion to become a relevant pick, even at his release.

KSante is a new, highly mobile top laner who does both physical and true damage. The moment the champion went live on PBE, Riot immediately buffed him by tweaking the numbers of Dauntless Instinct, Ntofo Strikes, and All Out. Thinking these buffs would be enough for KSante to become relevant in the current meta, Riot shipped the champion without making any further adjustments.

The champion has been struggling on the live servers since his win rate is currently around 42.18 percent across all ranks, according to U.GG. Currently, his most frequently built items are Plated Steelcaps, Sunfire Aegis, and Thromail, followed by Force of Nature or Frozen Heart. 

One of the possible explanations for why KSante is struggling to make ends meet is his high-skill floor and ceiling. The champion is, unlike Zeri and Nilah, not straightforward to play and takes time to perfect since he has a series of unique interactions and mechanics. 

To avoid overbuffing KSante and making him a raid boss a couple of days ahead of the release of the preseason, Riot is taking its sweet time to see if the community will get a better grasp of him and if his win rate will skyrocket on its own.

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