KRÜ Esports wins the battle of LATAM, defeats LOUD 2-1

LOUD fail to close out two close maps.

KRÜ Esports complete the reverse sweep against LOUD to earn their first win at Masters: Copenhagen. 

LATAM took the fight to the Brazilians to win 2-1 and showcased why they have attended every international LAN in VALORANT history. KRÜ Esports is comfortable with LAN events and hopes to make it to the grand finals this time. That pathway is already being paved with a win in Group A against LOUD, putting them one step closer to playoffs.

LOUD chose Fracture as the first map of the best of three series, and while they took an 8-4 lead in the first half, they struggled to keep KRÜ Esports at bay throughout the second. Both teams went back and forth trading rounds, eventually leading to a tied score of 10-10 before LOUD finally began to pull away to close things out 13-10. Matias saadhak Delipetro gave a visual example of what a battle Sage can be capable of by finishing with a 1.66 KD and a 328 ACS by the end of the map.

Haven was another back-and-forth map, but KRÜ Esports took the initial lead and won the map this time. After a close map on Fracture, it was critical for KRÜ Esports to win their map pick to stay in the series, and they delivered. Angelo keznit Mori showed up big on Raze by taking space for his teammates and finishing the game with a 1.6 KD. LOUD attempted to make a comeback towards the end of the second half but could not close it out, giving KRÜ Esports the 13-9 win.

Like the previous maps, the decision map on Icebox was just as close, with both teams taking the lead throughout both halves. But towards the end of the second half, KRÜ Esports could string together six rounds to shutdown LOUD and reverse sweep them for their first win of the tournament.

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