KOI and Team Heretics to continue LEC co-stream trial for Spring Split

Other teams might be interested in co-streaming the EMEA competition

The Spanish teams will continue their trial of the LEC co-streaming throughout the Spring Split. At its announcement, the LEC co-stream was confirmed for the limited time of the Winter Split, which ended less than a couple of weeks ago. The trialing has now been extended to include the Spring Split as well, as confirmed by the LEC commissioner Artem Bykov. 

We are happy with the way co-streaming went and we are looking forward to continuing the trial, Bykov said to Dot Esports. The Winter Split functioned as an intel gathering exercise for the LEC as they went through the process of understanding the wins of co-streaming along with the two teams. After several weeks of trial, the involved parties would then take the learnings gathered to then build a more cohesive framework on how to run the co-streams. 

From an external point of view, the viewership the LEC achieved during the co-stream trial increased the competitions reach by almost double its numbers. But according to Bykov, the viewership is just one aspect of the co-stream with LEC teams. At the end of the day it’s only one split for now, so we’ll have to see how the program continues, the LEC commissioner said.

Bykov confirmed that both KOI and Heretics will continue co-streaming the EMEA League of Legends competition next split as well, while its still uncertain if the program will entail the Summer Split as well. But if the co-streaming program were to continue, it is possible that League fans will see the establishment of other co-streams, probably in other languages. It would certainly not be a surprise to see Vitality and BDS take over co-streaming in French, and SK Gaming in German. 

We still have some conversations with other teams, to see whether they’re interested or not, Bykov said. 

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