Kleavor will debut in Pokémon Go with exclusive new raid event

There are some small details that fans will want to know, too.

Another Pokémon Go crossover is set to help jumpstart the games May content lineup, with another Pokémon introduced in Legends: Arceus making its debut through an exclusive new event. 

Kleavor, the Bug/Rock-type evolution of Scyther that was introduced in Legends: Arcues, will officially be available in Pokémon Go starting on May 6, but only through raids to start out. 

The Axe Pokémon will be the focus of a Kleavor Raid Day, which is set to run from 11am to 2pm local time on May 6. This will see Kleavor appearing more frequently in three-star raids throughout that event period. It will also be available as a Shiny immediately after its debut for anyone lucky enough to encounter one. 

While this event is going to drop Kleavor into the mobile game, it will not be widely available just yet. Niantic has confirmed Scyther wont be able to evolve into Kleavor during or after the raid day. This means a method of evolution tied to Hisuian forms or a separate event featuring Kleavor and that feature will be added. 

It also could end up being an Ursaluna situation, where a specific method has to be used to evolve Ursaring into its Hisuian final form. 

There is even a small inclusion for this event that might interest fans who have been boycotting Pokémon Go after Niantic made changes to the Remote Raid features. 

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Players participating in the Kleavor Raid Day will have the chance to earn five additional Raid Passes when spinning Gym Photo Discs. Additionally, the Remote Raid Pass limit is being increased to 10 Remote Raids per player all day on May 6, which confirms Niantic is going to use that recently added limitation as a bonus for certain events moving forward. 

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