Kiriko’s new origin video details how she came to be the deadliest support hero in Overwatch 2

Her enemies are in for a bad time.

Overwatch shared a new video with players today showing the origin of Kiriko, the newest support that is coming with Overwatch 2 when it launches on Oct. 4. Her origin story is cute and heartwarming, but her character is far more deadly than the video lets on.

Fans got a closer glimpse at the character’s origin in the video and an insight into her personality as well. Kiriko is cunning, quick on her feet, and enjoys playing tricks every now and then. She is described as having a strong moral compass and a strong desire to take care of her loved ones.

Our goal with her story was to celebrate the powerful women on our roster, narrative designer Kyungseo Min said in a blog post about the character. Kiriko is a strong human with strong values and convictions. I definitely put my ‘kick ass’ woman pants on to write for her. 

Kiriko learned about the fox spirit and the ancient way of healing from her grandmother. Her mother is where she learned about precision and accuracy with the Kunai. Both her mother and her grandmother inspired her to train both skills and are the basis for her primary and secondary fire in the game.

Kiriko’s kit enables her to be a quick and deadly support

More details were released about Kiriko’s kit, her personality, and what her gameplay is like. The developers describe Kiriko as “rewarding for high-skill players while also being a great healing option for beginning players.”

This is due to her kit and how accurate players must be to be a good Kiriko player. Her Healing Ofuda sends out talismans that seek out targeted allies and heals them, but her Kunai are what make her a dangerous enemy to have.

Her Kunai, which is Kiriko’s secondary fire, is a highly damaging projectile that can do a lot of damage if she hits the head of her target. The knives have a small amount of damage unless they hit critically, in which case they do three times the damage.

Because of her high mobility, high potential for critical and deadly damage, and an ult that buffs her and her allies’ movement speed, rate of fire, and cooldowns, she will most likely be the deadliest support character when Overwatch 2 launches.

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