Kings no more: Florida Muntineers send OpTic Texas to the losers bracket

OpTic will play the former Stage Two Major champs in losers bracket.

The Florida Mutineers have sent Optic Texas to the losers bracket in the opening match of the Call of Duty League Stage Three Major in a major bracket upset.

After winning the tie breaker against the Los Angeles Thieves for the seventh seed, the Mutineers were tasked with taking down OpTic during the opening match of the Stage Three Major. After winning the Stage One Major, OpTic has been a force to be reckoned with which is why both L.A. and Florida were ‘trolling’ their tiebreaker match to avoid playing them.

However, Florida showcased that playing on LAN is a completely different beast, taking them down in a map-five series. The Mutineers opened up the series with a 250222 victory on Tuscan Hardpoint where OpTics top slayers struggled to get going. Meanwhile, Joseph “Owakening” Conley dropped a 1.43 KD on the first map, clocking up the highest kills in the lobby. OpTic answered back on Tuscan Search and Destroy, going back and forth with Florida to almost bring it to a round eleven. 

Once the series was tied 11 Florida nearly swept Texas off the map on Tuscan Control, winning 31 after the OpTic lineup continued to struggle to get kills. From there they moved on to a Berlin Hardpoint that went the distance but ultimately saw OpTic edge out 250243 over the Mutineers. The final map of the series would take both teams back to Berlin for another Search and Destroy. 

Unlike the previous one, Florida was in the driver’s seat the entire time, running around and doing whatever they wanted on the map. Thanks to heroics from David “Davpadie” Maslowski the Mutineers were able to walk away with a 62 win and a 32 in the series.

Florida will move on in the upper bracket to play the Seattle Surge while OpTic will be fighting the CDL Stage Two Major champions the Los Angeles Guerrillas.

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