Kingen explains how DRX’s mentality enabled the underdog to win Worlds 2022

The player shed some light on their way of thinking.

DRX were crowned the League of Legends World Champion over the weekend, and their top laner, Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon explained how his team’s mentality made all the difference during the finals.

In a recent interview with Korizon, the top laner said DRX didn’t focus on being just one series away from becoming the World Champion, and instead tried their best to enjoy the moment.

“Once you are tunnel-visioned by the feeling ‘If I reach my arms just a little further, I can reach the prize,’ the very thought can steer you away from your ultimate goal,” Kingen said.

“I have been excluding that thought from my mind, all my teammates have been doing the same, until we have all reached a state of mind where we’re just focused on having fun,” the player added.

DRX defeated T1 after going all the way to game five. After the first three games, they were down 2-1, and Faker and crew were dangerously close to lifting the trophy.

DRX, however, didn’t lose their footing and kept giving their best. Kingen, especially, showcased a superstar performance in games four and five, accumulating a 5/0/5 and 6/3/6 KDA on Aatrox. Thanks to his legendary performance, he was also named the MVP of the finals.

Kingen said his performance on Aatrox felt “possessed,” as if he was playing “with a heart of a beast” because he was full of “driving force and confidence.” If he didn’t play in that way, he explained, DRX may have never lifted the Summoner’s Cup.

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