King of the jungle: One LoL assassin has become the most-played and banned champ in the role through Patch 13.10

"Consume and adapt."

Over the last few patches, League of Legends players have had to adjust to a plethora of revamped items in the store that has shaken up the meta for multiple roles. There are also a few champions that have quickly become solo queue stompers, taking over as priority picks on Summoner’s Rift.

One champion, for example, has bugged plenty of high-rank players in solo queue with how effective he can be at finding isolated opponents and absolutely decimating them.

Through Patch 13.10, Kha’Zix has quickly climbed the ranks as the most-played and most-banned jungler in the game, racking up a whopping 18.7 percent pick rate, a jaw-dropping 48.6 percent ban rate, and an impressive 52.2 percent win rate among Platinum ranked players and higher, according to League stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir.

Image via Riot Games

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These numbers have climbed drastically compared to a few patches ago, when he was chosen at a drastically different 5.8 percent pick rate and was only banned in two percent of matches. But after becoming such a strong choice for junglers, players are realizing it’s better to remove him completely from the champion pool rather than risk dealing with him in-game.

Kha’Zix was already the talk of the town when people saw his effectiveness spike after a handful of buffs helped increase the damage of his Q ability, Taste Their Fear, in April’s Patch 13.8. But with the new assassin items getting added to the game last patch, Kha’Zix has found a new tool of terror with the newly-minted Mythic item, Youmuu’s Ghostblade.

Youmuu’s not only gives Kha’Zix superior movement speed to chase down fleeing enemies, but he can also quickly run to a side lane to pull off a swift dive or gank. The extra lethality that Youmuu’s provides through its Haunt passive can also give this bursty bug even more power when he’s facing off against a lone squishy target who is just trying to farm.

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