​​Killjoy mains beware: VALORANT leaks suggest sentinel’s day of reckoning is near

Not another one!

Riot Games seems to be course-correcting away from VALORANT’s December patch that changed Killjoy’s place in the hero shooter’s 2023 meta.

Leaks suggest a shift is in the works for the turret-wielding sentinel, potentially bringing her crashing down to a normal agent level. ValorLeaks shared in a March 17 post on Twitter that a Killjoy balance is coming, and KJ mains should be concerned.

This would be the second time the VALORANT agent has been tinkered with this year. She was nerfed previously on Feb. 14, but once was clearly not enough.

Last time around, her turrets health decreased from 125 to 100, and her ultimate points requirement increased to eight. This time, no one is quite sure what the nerfs might be.

Unknown or not, however, they are certainly coming, reports suggest.

Killjoy wasnt the only hero that suffered at the hands of that February patch either. Raze copped a huge blow as her bots duration, which dropped from 10 seconds to a measly five.

There’s no suggestion that Raze is going to be brought back the other way in this next update, according to the leaks. Really, there hasn’t been much information on the patch outside of the Killjoy news, and we’re still waiting on a release dateif you main KJ, we’d recommend you start grinding games before the update arrives.

Don’t grieve though: Agents get chopped and changed left, right, and center in titles like VALORANT. Lets just hope, though, that she doesnt become like Chamber.

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