Kiin joins KT Rolster as BDD makes return to former LCK squad

KT needs one more player to complete its lineup.

Following the departure of top laner Kim Rascal Kwang-hee, mid laner Lee Aria Ga-eul, support Kim Life Jeong-min, and support Kim GIDEON Min-seong yesterday, KT Rolster finalized the new signings of top laner Kim Kiin Gi-in and mid laner Gwak Bdd Bo-seong today.

Kiin and Bdd parted ways with their respective teams yesterday. The Korean top laner left Kwangdong Freecs after being its franchise player for five years, while Bdd left Nongshim RedForce after a disappointing 2022 season. For the latter, this marks the return to KT after the stint he had during the 2019 season.

Aside from Kiin and Bdd, KT currently has three other players under contract: jungler Moon Cuzz Woo-chan, mid laner Lee VicLa Dae-kwang, and bot laner Kim Aiming Ha-ram. While Cuzz and Aiming are set to stay as the starting players for the upcoming season, VicLa is rumored to join the North American team FlyQuest, according to journalist Travis Gafford.

Now that four of the five positions are now signed, KT’s only position left open is the support role. That being said, there are no rumors regarding who will end up on the roster.

There has been a lot of action during this LCK offseason, with some shocking moves and new talents joining. If you haven’t managed to catch up with everything, check out our LCK 2023 roster tracker to stay up to date.

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