Kassadin is coming back from the Void in League’s next update

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League of Legends season 12 hasnt been kind to Kassadin at all. The champion has been struggling to stay relevant in the roam-heavy meta, especially when facing Zeds and Qiyanas in the mid lane. The preseason might have helped Kassadin recover slightly, but he has still been in need of buffs. Thanks to Riot Games monitoring his performance over the last several patches, Kassadin is finally getting some much-needed love.

Joe White, a game developer at Riot, shared on Nov. 16 that Kassadin is finally getting buffed in Patch 12.23. The devs are looking to buff Kassadins Null Sphere, and introduce quality-of-life changes to his Force Pulse.

From Patch 12.23, Kassadin will get a shield from his Null Sphere the moment he casts it, rather than having to wait until the sphere leaves his hand. On top of this, the shield is getting slightly increased by 20 across all ranks. To avoid Kassadin becoming the raid boss he used to be back in season two, the shields AP ratio is will go down from 40 percent to 30 percent.

The biggest change Kassadin will see with the next patch is that his Force Pulse will no longer be tied to nearby spell casts. Instead, the spell will have its own regular cooldown that will be decreased with nearby spells cast by one second. 

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With Patch 12.21 on Nov. 16, Riot brought back Rod of Ages. Although the item has stayed relatively the same as its previous iteration, it will heal more frequently and give you movement speed for two seconds. Essentially, it’s an item designed for battle mages and DPS mages that thrive in the late game.

Hopefully, Rod of Ages returning to the game and these buffs will help Kassadin at least a little in this dominant roaming meta to reach his power spike sooner than before. 

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