Karrigan says FaZe need to improve in one area despite flawless start to BLAST Paris CS:GO Major

The veteran captain said the squad had issues against paiN Gaming.

FaZe Clan are 2-0 in the BLAST Paris CS:GO Major Challengers Stage after a solid debut on May 8 with victories over Monte (16-14 on Ancient) and paiN Gaming (16-12 on Nuke). But in-game leader karrigan acknowledged they need to improve on their communication and had lots of issues in that area in their match against paiN.

“First day over, but a lot of comms issues in the last game, something we have to improve on for tomorrow’s match,” karrigan wrote on Twitter after FaZe beat paiN to move to the 2-0 pool of the Swiss system. The Intel Grand Slam season four champions will have three chances to qualify for the Legends Stage since all they need is to win one best-of-three series to make it.

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We don’t know what the specific communication issues are that karrigan is referring to, but there are multiple options. Communication might be one of the most underrated aspects for CS:GO casuals and fans at home, however, it plays a big part in high-level matches such as Major games.

Communication in professional matches must be swift and precise and can definitely be affected when pressure arises like in FaZe vs. paiN. In that showdown, for example, karrigan and crew pretty much decided the match after a great economic round at the end of the series and could have lost the game otherwise.

FaZe are also an international team that communicates in English. Still, Twistzz is the only player from a country that has English as an official languageCanada. As for the other players, karrigan is Danish, ropz is Estonian, broky is Latvian, and rain is Norwegian.

Communication problems aside, FaZe’s debut at the BLAST Paris Major is way better than what they showed at the IEM Rio Major in November 2022. The star-studded lineup fell flat that time and were sent home with a 0-3 record in the Legends Stage despite being the reigning champions and the favorite to win it all.

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