KarQ warns Overwatch 2 tank players of ‘frustrating’ Kiriko bug that could be their doom

Watch the way you move.

Kiriko has been among the most popular support heroes in Overwatch 2 since her release in October, and among her strongest pieces of utility has been her ability to quickly be at a teammate’s sidemost of the time.

Kirikos Swift Step ability, which has a seven-second cooldown, allows the Overwatch support hero to teleport to a teammate within 35 meters so she can help heal them up during skirmishes or fights. While the ability is frequently seen as a way for Kiriko to get to a tank and heal them after theyre gone far away from the team, a recently discovered bug might make tanks think twice about their approach.

Toronto Defiant streamer KarQ today shared a video of him playing Kiriko ahead of a match, and to display the bug, he requested his tank player, Winston, crouch. By crouching, Winston effectively made Swift Step inoperable for Kiriko, and to demonstrate, KarQ repeatedly tried to Swift Step to Winston while he was crouching to no avail.

This isnt the first time Swift Step has fallen prey to this bug, but by finding a specific cause, KarQ may have just saved some players from an almost guaranteed demise.

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Crouching in Overwatch 2 is typically used on two occasions. One of the occasions is for when players are trying to sneak around without being heard in the middle of rotations and fights. Footsteps dont make noise to other players while crouched. The other is to spam crouch as a way of taunting defeated opponents or simply joking around because most character models look silly while spamming crouch.

Whether youre trying to be sneaky or trying to goof around, beware of what holding crouch means if you think you might need some healing in Overwatch; there could be a Kiriko around the corner that cant get to you.

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