Kaiser outlines what Vitality need to fix ahead of next LEC split

There are a few things they need to work on.

Team Vitality finished the 2023 LEC Winter Split in the group stage after losing to SK Gaming on Feb. 19, and their support Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser explained what they need to fix ahead of the next split.

The German detailed Vitality’s issues following the loss in an interview with Em Dash Esports. Vitality also lost to KOI on Feb. 13 and Kaiser believes a few key issues were visible in both series and need to be fixed before the next split comes around.

One of the main issues that Kaiser underlined is communication and overall synergy. “We also have to play more as a team,” Kaiser said. “We dont play that well together. We just have to fix that communication so we can get better for the next split.”

Besides that, the support admitted Vitality often struggle with some other aspects of their gameplay. “The basics are still lacking for us. Understanding team compositions in general, understanding the draft,” Kaiser said. He also pointed out that they need to work on setting up different objectives and playing around the side lanes as well.

That being said, Kaiser said there have been some improvements, but the work is still far from finished. He also revealed the team sometimes doesn’t listen to each other in-game, which results in simple yet costly mistakes. “What we say is actually good, you know? But what we do is bad,” he said.

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In the 2023 LEC Winter Season, Vitality finished first with a 7-2 record and were looking like the favorite to win the trophy. In the groups, though, they failed to make it past KOI and SK despite defeating Team Heretics in their opening series. This disqualified them from further contention in the split.

Vitality now have around two and half weeks to fix their mistakes before the 2023 LEC Spring Split begins on March 11.

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