JustaMinx finds person living under OpTic Gaming content house

An unexpected birthday discovery.

Twitch streamer JustaMinx reported that, after waking up to a shattered window and missing cats, she found a person has potentially been living under the OpTic Gaming house.

The discovery led to a police investigation that found large quantities of drugs hidden underneath the home as well.

In Jan. 2022, Envy launched its own version of a content house with the Botez Sisters, JustaMinx, and CodeMiko. The streamer house was maintained with the same roster of broadcast personalities after Envy merged with OpTic, with several other creators cycling in and out of the home.

JustaMinx woke up on her birthdayThursday, Nov. 3to find her cats missing and shattered glass scattered around her home, including a window that held her security camera. An hour later, shared via her secondary Twitter account, JustaMinx claims she discovered a man had been sleeping underneath the OpTic house.

After the police arrive, the local enforcement found several trash bags full of what appeared to be weed and other substances underneath the home as well.

Shocked by the pure absurdity of the situation, JustaMinx updated fans: “I literally just accidentally shut down a drug den.” The Twitch streamer also reported the unknown figures living beneath her house were allegedly stealing IP addresses with a “weird router.”

Justaminx was able to find one cat, however, her other cat, Sylum, is still underneath the home. The responding police allegedly wanted to board up the underground of the house, despite the fact they had seen Sylum in the underground area. At the time of writing, Sylum has been located though not yet retrieved.

In a Twitter video, JustaMinx vented her frustrations dealing with the police officers, stating “the cops didn’t care about my window being smashed, someone sleeping underneath the house, my babies being missing until they found the drugs.”

While the situation appears to still be ongoing, JustaMinx confirmed the police will be sending several patrol cars for the next few days to surveil the home.

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