Jinggg uses broken Sage wall boost against Team Liquid on Pearl

Get an early advantage by using Raze and Sage.

Paper Rex showcased a new defensive strat on Pearl today during their match against Team Liquid at VALORANT Champions Istanbul. 

In an elimination match, Paper Rex used a Sage wall to boost Jing Jie Jinggg Wang up onto the boxes located in B Link. This wall allows the defensive team to see into B Ramp and B Main through a crack in the buildings. While the attacking team can spot the boosted-up player from B Link, most teams would not expect there to be a player from that angle.

Team Liquids Dom “soulcas” Sulcas spotted Jingg in this position but wasnt able to do damage to him due to the tight space between the buildings. This resulted in soulcas death and the remaining members of Liquid being unable to peak due to not wanting to die from Jingggs sneaky positioning. 

To achieve this boost, the team must have one Sage and one Raze player. The team will also have to be playing on defense if they want to potentially catch the attacking team off guard as they push through B Main. At the start of the round, the Raze player will have to put their satchel down next to the boxes. The Raze will then have to jump as the satchel goes off, launching them into the air higher than what the typical player can jump on their own. As the Raze is in the air, the Sage will have to place the wall on top of the boxes. When the wall solidifies, Raze will land on top of the wall and have a clear view of the B Main push.

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