Jezu and Ragner will reportedly play for LFL’s Team GO in 2023

They're in good hands.

The League of Legends preseason has yet to come but roster changes are already in full swing. The 2023 LEC preseason has been spicier than ever with players like Jankos leaving G2 Esports and Rekkles reportedly returning to Fnatic. According to the latest report, SK Gamings bot laner Jean Jezu Massol and Filipe Ranger Brombilla de Barrios will spend the upcoming season in the LFL.

Independent journalist Brieuc Seeger reported today that Jezu and Ranger will join Team GO. 

Jezu already hinted on Twitter that hes leaving the LEC. Although both players were hoping to play in the big European league, they, unfortunately, couldnt land a deal that would guarantee them a spot in the LEC. Ranger was reportedly in negotiations with up to four organizations, but in the end, hell join Jezu and Team GO.

Team GO is a French team thats part of La Ligue Française or LFL for short. Until April 2022, theyve been known under the name GamersOrigin when they rebranded and made major roster changes like welcoming new support, Đai-vinh Veignorem Lussiez.

Theres no doubt that Jezu and Ranger, Brazilian top laner famous for unconventional top lane picks like Kindred and Rengar, will make a great asset to this already promising team.

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