JDG crush LNG to secure upper bracket finals spot in 2022 LPL Summer playoffs 

League fans oversaw the first 3-0 clean sweep in the LPL playoffs.

A lot of eyes have been on LNG Esports lately, contemplating whether they could continue their miracle run in the playoffs. But it looked like JD Gaming had other plans. In their League of Legends series today, JDG crushed LNGs winning momentum by shutting them down with a 3-0 victory.

To counter LNGs comeback plays, JDG followed a single mantra: be as aggressive as possible to gain a lead in the series. But in the first match, this strategy clearly did not work as well as JDG had hoped. 

Their over-aggressiveness was punished by LNG and it looked like they would almost walk away with the first game. Unfortunately, it was JDGs mid laner Yagao who turned the tables in the deciding Baron fight. His Azir picked up a quadra kill and allowed JDG to bag the first game.

The next game saw JDG becoming even more proactive on the map with Yagaos Sylas and 369s Renekton wreaking havoc in teamfights. By the time Hopes Lucien popped off, JDG just became unstoppable. 

They were able to decimate LNGs lineup and successfully destroy the Nexus to gain a 2-0 lead in the series.

The rotten luck for LNG continued as they had the worst possible start in game three. JDGs successful five-man bot lane gank allowed their AD carry to get two kills within the first minute of the game.

JDG did not give LNG any breathing room throughout the game. They punished any overextension from the enemys side. After acing them, JDG was able to barrel down the mid lane and successfully take down LNGs Nexus.

With this resounding victory, JD Gaming have qualified for the upper bracket finals of the 2022 LPL Summer playoffs. Here they will compete against Top Esports on Aug. 26 for the grand finals spot.

LNGs journey in the playoffs has not ended yet. They will now face EDward Gaming next on Aug. 25 and must win that series to stay alive and advance further.

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