JDG bounce back from RNG defeat with win over Weibo Gaming in 2022 LPL Summer Split

Kanavi and Yagao helped JDG clinch an easy victory.

JDG secured a 2-0 series victory over Weibo Gaming today in the 2022 LPL Summer Split. It was a crucial win since it will help them recover their momentum that got stalled after their loss to RNG just four days earlier.

Although Weibo Gaming put up a strong fight, it was not enough. They failed to get even one win in todays League of Legends series. JDG succeeded in capitalizing on their gold lead in both games to snowball their matches into victories.

Kanavi was the star in JDGs triumph. In game one, his Xin Zhao was able to secure a quick Hextech Soul for his team. He also ambushed the enemy frequently in the early game and did not shy away from acting as the frontline in late-game teamfights. This helped his teams laners farm up quickly and build up a lead over the enemy champions.

Game two saw Yagao also rising up to the occasion. By the time JDG secured the match, he had an impressive 5/0/14 KDA on his Sylas. He hijacked key ultimates from Weibos champions, turning the tables on them during each teamfight.

Weibo Gaming will be disappointed with their performance against JDG. They had built up a gold lead in both games but let the opportunity slip away. They were punished for their poor shotcalling and positioning in teamfights, allowing JDG to pick them apart one champion at a time.

With this victory, JDG have risen up the 2022 LPL Summer Split standings to occupy first place with a 13-2 record. Their next match will be against Anyones Legend on Aug. 7 at 6am CT.

Weibo Gaming are now tied in fifth place with EDG, both teams having a 9-5 record. Their next game will be against FPX on Aug. 6 at 6am CT.

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