Jax’s upcoming update is reminding LoL players more than 40 champs need this treatment

Many older champions need Riot's love and attention.

Every year, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the soon-to-be-released champions in League of Legends. But in this fanfare, many decade-old champions get left out of the conversation regarding much-needed visual updates. Riot Games has been working to fix this in the past years with Jax being the latest champion to get a visual update.

Riot has released 163 unique champions in League‘s 12-year history. Yet most players often stick to playing their comfort champions rather than mastering a new one every year. For them, decade-old champions like Jax, Ashe, Blitzcrank, and others are lackluster in their default skins.

In a Reddit post on April 30, a player provided a list of some of the oldest League champions that have yet to receive any visual/model updates. There are 42 champions on this list out of which 10 champions were released in the first year of the game (which was 2009) and have never received any visual update since then.

Many players commented how Vladimir needs an “ASU REAL BAD” since his model and animations are terrible. Others pointed out how popular champions like Corki and Veigar also require a visual makeover.

A player also shared their disastrous experience of playing Rumble. “He’s actually unplayable for me without the super galaxy skin. I swear I lose at least 10-15 cs/10 min because his animations suck so much ass when I don’t use that skin,” they said.

Some suggested Riot pump up its update speed since “doing 1 or 2 a year isn’t fast enough.” “They need to be knocking these out at 5 a year. It shouldn’t take 20 years to go through all of these, it just shouldn’t,” a player said.

Despite Riot’s best efforts, the speed with which the devs are updating old champions often frustrates League players. But the developers’ commitment is still commendable, even if it may take a long time to fully execute.

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