Janna buffed in TFT Set 8.5 PBE patch, 5-piece Hacker and Prankster 4 added

Big changes heading into the first weekend of testing.

The first week of testing for Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5 is wrapping up today with a significant PBE patch that contains “spicy changes,” according to game designer Stephen Mortdog” Mortimer.

Following the TFT Set 8.5 PBE patch from yesterday that focused on “larger adjustments,” according to Mortdog, today’s balance patch is intended to help make the Glitched Out! Set more exciting for all levels of players. Some of the big changes players can expect from the Set 8.5 PBE weekend patch include a huge buff to Janna and the removal of the High-Roller Augment, along with new breakpoints for the traits Prankster and Hacker. 

TFT Set 8.5 first weekend PBE patch notes

Image via Riot Games

Several new TFT Set 8.5 champions and traits are getting significant adjustments heading into the first weekend of Glitched Out! testing. Hacker is improving through a fourth breakpoint while Prankster is getting a third breakpoint at four. The Augment High-Roller is officially gone, for good, according to Mortdog. And the Star Guardian trait has a new breakpoint structure. 

PBE changes for Set 8.5 champions 

  • Lucian: Spell damage nerfed from 60/90/135 to 50/75/115
  • Lux: Spell targets auto attack target now
  • Pantheon: Spell range is now infinite, having Pantheon always leap to his target
  • Ezreal: Spell damage nerfed to 200/300/460 and Parallel spell damage nerfed to 110/165/255
  • Aatrox: Bonus health from spell decreased from 40/40/150 to 35/35/88 percent
  • Neeko: Spell damage decreased slightly at one and two-star to 80/120/200 and third frog to 160/240/600
  • Janna: Attack speed increased to 0.8 while magic resistance and armor was increased to 45
  • Janna: Total spell damage buffed from 195/300/3000 to 500/750/8000 
  • Ultimate Ezreal: Attack speed reduced from 0.95 to 0.9

PBE trait changes for Set 8.5

  • Duelist: Attack speed per stack adjusted to 5/8/12/18 percent and now grants 0/0/10/20 percent damage reduction to all Duelist units
  • Hacker: Five-piece breakpoint added that has Hacker Omnivamp at 20/30/40/50 and Hacker rider Omnivamp at 0/10/20/30 percent
  • LaserCorps: Drone damage adjusted to 28/46/56/83
  • Prankster: Four-piece added at 400 health and 2.5-second stun
  • Star Guardian: Trait breakpoint structure changed from 3/5/7/9 to 2/4/6/8 
  • Star Guardian: Mana regeneration changed to 40/70/120/175 percent

PBE Augment and Hero Augment changes Set 8.5

  • High-Roller: Removed
  • Gangplank (carry): Bonus damage reduced from 90 to 80 percent
  • Lux (carry): Bonus damage reduced from 135 to 120 percent
  • Pantheon (support): Triggers later at the start of combat and avoids buffing mech pilots that are about to disappear
  • Jinx (carry): Bonus attack speed nerfed from 40 to 35 percent
  • Malphite (carry): Armor percent reduced from 180 to 160 percent
  • Jhin (carry): Text changed from “kill” to “takedown.”
  • Jhin (carry): Standard format gold granted lowered from 4-7 to 3-6 and in Hyper Roll it was lowered from 7-14 to 6-12.

The TFT Set 8.5 weekend PBE patch also has a Hero Augment distribution change that focuses on Threat Hero Augments. Starting this weekend, a Threat Hero Augment can show up as a tailored option at Armories 3-2 and 4-2 per slot that is equal to the player’s active Threat trait level, plus one, unless there are no more non-Threat tailored Augments available. 

Players can test out all the TFT Set 8.5 PBE changes from today’s balance patch through the weekend, with a small update likely dropping on Monday, March 13. 

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